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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Will To Die interview/demo

Will 2 Die demo

I did this a few months ago for a zine that unfortunately never took off. Will To Die, also known as Will 2 Die, is a hardcore band hailing from Knoxville, TN. They started up this past summer and recently released their first demo, though the demo itself sounds like they’ve been playing together for years. Well actually, it’s because they have played together for years, only in Fingers Crossed. They came through recently and did their first Chattanooga show this past January. These guys have done a lot for the East Tennessee hardcore scene, and when they’re not playing they’re still supporting the scene somehow.

Interview with Sammy (vocals)

How’ve you been doing man?

Sammy: I've been doin awesome man just working enough to get by and doing the bands. Thats my usual.

What made this project happen? I know you guys are constantly busy with FC…

Well im not exactly sure. I guess we thought our local scene needed another jolt and we wanted to help with it. I havd never done vox in a band before and i wanted a chance to say something haha. We are always extremely busy with both of the bands and work. FC is in full swing hitting it hard. We just got back back from a 2 week east coast tour and have a ton of badass regional shows coming up that include Breast Fest in NC, a show with the almighty Merauder in SC, and etc. FC is writing a new EP right now also. Look out for FC tour dates the entire month of july.

What are some of your main influences for W2D?

That’s hard man haha. Strife, Earth Crisis, Trial, Stigmata, The Cro-mags, Sepultura, Judge, and Hatebreed. I don’t know if that’s what we sound like but thats what we wanted to sound like ha. We just get together and jam. Whatever grooves, hits hard, and goes fast is what we like.

Tell me about the Knoxville scene, I haven’t made it to a show there in a good while…

Knoxville's scene is definitely getting itself together. Real kids are getting into it and making it awesome. It seems like every show we book gets bigger and bigger.

What’s the future have in store for W2D?

We are currently writing some new material for a tape we will be putting out sometime this summer. Definently wanting to tour but until then just playing regional shows. We are just a fun band trying to kick it and have fun. Im just trying to improve my bench press, Matt is trying to find someone to chip in on a bottle of early times, Mason is trying to be a rocket scientist and a bike rider, Aaron is trying to circle pit to Rancid, and Tim is trying to adopt more dogs and eat NY pizza.

In your song “Addiction” your final line is “Burn, Burn, Burn, Burn, Bitch!”, are you talking about a woman? If not, who or what?

The song is about someone who denies they have an addiction. This song definently came from a personal experience. Edge or not most people can relate to this situation. A selfish person with a selfish problem affects the lives of there friends and family and do absolutely nothing to stop it. Its not about one person in particular. There is about four people this song is really about. Just four different times in my life where i have seen this happen. Mostly with family.

So you’re in this month’s edition of EDGE WATCH* (a section from the zine whose title implies the content) as well, for suspected use of steroids… what’s the deal?

Steroids! hahaha na just protein, hard work, and dieting. Go to my gym. I look small compared to a real juice head. haha Mason needs to be on edge watch for listening to too much Sunn, Eyehategod, and Weedeater... Wanna be hippie stoner.

Who do you feel has the hardest mosh, and why?

SEPULTURA. Its tribal mosh. Whats harder than that? Straight out of a fuckin jungle.

Any closing comments?

check out In Time, Overlooked, Coping Methods, Stronghold, Worlds Below, True Life. Just some new bands that are killin it.

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