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Sunday, September 25, 2011

"These Are the Days We Don't Appreciate" -Just Die! (Asheville, NC)

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9/18/11 Just Die! @ Sluggo's, Chattanooga, TN Show review

It's not too often anymore that a band plays and leaves an impact on me. Maybe it's the hundreds of hardcore bands I've seen over the years all starting to blur together. I'd attribute it entirely to being somewhat jaded, but I can still leave a Bane show and feel like a better person, so my enthusiasm for hardcore is still alive. JD! plays the fast pissed off punk-influenced hardcore from the early 00's that drew me in back then. Their singer Steve Shell, 36, had a lot to say, and he kept the audience attentive and inspired throughout their performance. The band themselves played tightly, showcasing their skills as musicians. I had to miss their previous show in Chattanooga, which was my own band's record release, due to work conflict. Everyone who was there in February that was present last week made sure people watched them. By the end of their set they played to a full room of onlooking, and impressed, hardcore kids who all left with that same sense of gratification through Just Die!'s performance. As he introduced the last song, Shell taught the crowd it's concluding chant, "These are the days we don't appreciate," something that couldn't be more true. I saw lots of my friends smiling as they whispered these words to themselves, and it had us all reflecting on the weekend and the fortune placed in our hands. Everyone left the room at the end of their set with a reclaimed sense of enthusiasm, something that is priceless no matter who you are or where you're from.

I got to do a brief interview with guitarist Matt Evans, here's what he had to share:

-How about an introduction?

First off, thanks so much for taking the time and interest to do this interview. For those of you who are just tuning in to JUST DIE!, we are from Asheville, NC. We started back in 2006 and so far have recorded: Demo 2006, No Time for Poetry (2008), Garages and Basements (2009), and A Momentary Lapse in Positive Thinking (2011). We've been fortunate enough to go up and down the east coast numerous times and through the midwest. We love using this band as our own personal outlet and venue for travel and making friends.  I'm excited to answer your questions, Aaron.

Your show last weekend here in Chattanooga has been mentioned by everyone in attendance as a favorite of the weekend, how's that feel?

Honestly, it feels great.  The show was too much fun and every band was great at what they do (we missed one set).  I feel proud to be part of the Southeast Hardcore Scene.  We were all stoked on the great crowd response and energy from our set.  That's what it is about for us, always.  We met some great people and I was stoked to talk about straight edge with some younger guys just getting into it.

Most of you have day jobs, what's it like trying to balance out real lives and a hardcore band?

Steve (vocals) and Dave (drums) are both teachers.  They currently work at the same place, a school for troubled/at risk children and teens.  They could tell you all about it, but always hearing them talk about it, it seems rewarding, yet outrageously tiring,  It seems that a bit of some of Steve's lyrical content deals with the struggle of the job.  I respect those guys for that.  Josh cooks and serves bagels and I sling movies at an independent movie store in downtown Asheville.  I have the least"day" job out of the bunch.  Since we work like we do, we have to be selective about shows and touring.  Its great to get away though.

What's the Asheville scene like currently? Most people recognize it as a more hippie-based community, does that impact the hardcore scene at all?

The Asheville scene has always been great for the 7 years I've been there.  However, its not really a good place for hardcore.  We sort of fit in because we play really pissed off like and fast, which is what Asheville seems into.  We have some great bands: Flies Around It, Autarch, Kakistocracy, Sunshine SS, Soft Opening, Forget Me, Reining Sound, Zombie Queen, GO DEVILS, and tons more.  I just wish more people dug hardcore.  I was part of a house that was doing shows last year and we were fortunate enough to get some great current hardcore bands through.  We hate hippies.  Do what you do I guess.  I love the music scene in Asheville, there's just a lot going on.  Booking shows in Asheville will turn your heart black.

I have to ask a few generic questions, so what's the future have in store for JD!?

Well, we aren't letting up anytime soon. We just released our new record, so as soon as our van is fixed, we will be getting out and touring to support.  2012 will be a busy year for JD! to make up for the early part of 2011.  We have some bands in mind that we want to go on the road with.

Whatever the future plans may be, you better make sure Chattanooga shows are abundant factor

We love CHATTANOOGA, so we will definitely be back.  Adam Foster for President.  3/4 of our shows there have been great.  We can't thank you all enough.

Any closing comments? Say whatever you want...

Thanks so much for checking out this interview.  Please check out Young and In the Way, Torch Runner and Campaign.  

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