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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Carolina In My Mind- Overlooked (NC) new tracks/interview with Ian

Review of Overlooked's new tracks "The Hangover Sessions"


Holy shit. That was the first thing that popped in my head during the first song, "Sheltered," because as soon as the song kicks in, it's right in front of you. Both songs, posted today 9/25, have the same features: fast and pissed off, my two favorite things. They're sounding more together than most of the bands I've seen from bigger labels. The way they stay together throughout "Singled Out" is especially impressive from a musician's standpoint; it's nearly impossible to disparage their talent. These two tracks are a combination of everything good hardcore should be, and they avoid lengthy/boring introductions, prolonged mosh parts intended for shows, and everything else that makes a band's recordings unlistenable. My only let down from hearing this is that I only got to see them play three songs at their show back in July. But it's also showing us all that the best is yet to come.

Interview with Ian, 22, Vocalist for Overlooked....

-When/how did Overlooked start up?

overlooked got started in the summer of 09 with myself and our old drummer wanting to start a new band that didnt sound like anything else going on in the area.

-You guys have had some issues with members lately, I've been there before with bands, how are you guys doing with the situation at the moment?

as of now we have just about everything worked out. every band has its ups and downs, and this has just been a tough year for us all around. everything that could go wrong, HAS gone wrong just about.

-What are some of the main influences for your band? It seems like a pretty wide range from what I've heard, but that's definitely good.

its different for every member, but we draw a lot of contemporary influence from bands like no warning and right brigade, but also lots of old metal, classic rock, and 90s grunge. our intention is to be as fast and pissed as possible and we take influence from just about everything.

-This summer I saw you did some dates with our friends in Fingers Crossed, what was that like?

yeah back in march we did an east coast run with those guys and it was awesome. i actually booked their first out of state show and weve been good friends ever since, so it just made sense that we would eventually do some dates together. they kill it every night and are one of the harder working bands in the scene currently, so it was awesome to get to kick it and play together for a few weeks.

-A noticeable factor about Overlooked is that you rep NC pretty proudly, how are things up there?

things are better than they have been in a long time, but there is still a lot of work to be done. the bands that are out right now are absolutely killing it, but there is always room for more.

-A lot of bands are referring you guys as a band to check out, so who do you want people to check out? 

fingers crossed, BAD, the beautiful ones, venia, doubledealer, lockdown, agitator, hivemind, and so many more. thats just a few hardcore bands that come to my mind right away that deserve some attention.

-Best thing about touring?

sheetz, wawa, del taco, in-n-out burger, winning free food at taco bell on the coin game

-Worst thing about touring?

gas prices, not winning free food at taco bell, being away from cookout, texas heat

-Closing comments?

do the toxic waltz

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