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Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Post

Here we go.

This blog is dedicated to all the up and coming southeast hardcore acts. At the same time we're going to go back in time to some of the bands that helped shape what we have today. This past weekend here in Chattanooga was the very first Southeast Hardcore Fest, where everyone in attendance was lucky enough to see that there's something special going on all around us, and that this scene we love so much is alive and well. Before things get too involved, what I'm asking is that you help me out however you can. It doesn't take much at all really, in fact, just posting on your facebook/twitter/whatever social media you use most. At the same time, any submissions or suggestions are strongly encouraged, please send them to my email at

We've got a lot to offer, and I want to see this go as far as possible.

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