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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Convictions (Birmingham)





Fresh out of Alabama, Convictions is another solid band taking part in this oncoming revival of youth crew.What can I say? I can't ever get tired of this type of hardcore. It has the best energy in the live setting, and the simplistic form proves itself tried and true as long as the bands know what they're doing. These kids do. It's too bad they got put on an early slot on Sunday at Southeast Hardcore Fest, and not Saturday with comparable acts like Written Off (KY) and Enough (TN). Not only that, but after two solid days, playing an early set on the third day guarantees a less-than-satisfactory turn out. But that's no reason to overlook Convictions. They're a new addition to the scene and Birmingham has always had a good output from younger and aspiring musicians. Listening to the cassette Undefeated Youth shows Convictions in the early stages, with a load of potential at that. Keep it up, boys. Adam repped your shirt the rest of the night by the way.


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