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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Mistake (KY)

Lies For Lust EP
Life's Noose Demo

Another Mistake first started playing shows in 2010 and immediately picked up it seems like. I've been able to keep up with Louisville bands pretty well due to the strong connection between their scene and Nashville when I lived there, and members of this band were also (from memory) in Iron Wolves, Python, and Rattletooth. This band seems like the band they were meant to do though, considering this past summer AM were the locals lucky enough for the opening slot on Saturday for the long awaited return of Krazy Fest. It seems like things just keep going up for them, and it's easy to see why. The music is a straight tribute to the early 00's Bridge 9 roster, notably American Nightmare, Right Brigade, and Striking Distance. It's the fast and pissed off style, but the guitar/bass riffs are well-written and avoid unnecessary repetition. Lyrically, songs are honest and to the point, and the vocalist has one hell of a stage presence.  Put all of this together and it goes without saying that it's fucking awesome.

Current releases have been on Knoxville label Like Glue Records support that shit too.

They also have some even bigger news on the way... To keep up add them here...


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