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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bare Your Teeth- Cursed or Forsaken EP


Bare Your Teeth is one of the new bands to come out of Crossville, TN in the last year or so. It's cool to see some more bands come out of that area, ever since Do It Yourself and Hysteria started playing shows in Nashville and surrounding cities it's gained the city some good recognition; also allowing a younger band like this the opportunity to do the same. The one thing that I find similar between Hysteria and this band is that they're not afraid to combine every style they like, which in turn makes it hard to pinpoint exactly what style they are. That's not a bad thing though, in fact that's how writing music should be. With this in mind, this EP (released as a demo this past February) switches between numerous things, the itunes file says "grindcore" but I'd say it's just hardcore, labels beyond that are just misleading. The songs are short, to the point, with a steady combination of hardcore, metal (mostly the riffs), and blast beats. Right now they're playing shows everywhere in and around Tennessee that they can, and putting in the right amount of effort for a new band wanting to get out there. Download the EP, go to a show, book them a show, etc.

Also, they've got an 11-song full length coming out in late November, but before that set to be released October 15th is a split cassette with Traits from Birmingham, which will feature 4 of the songs from the album. Once again, working hard.


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